Pleso Prijevoz

The joint-stock company Pleso prijevoz d.o.o., in which Croatia Airlines has a 50% ownership, was founded in order to offer Croatia Airlines’ passengers an organized, good quality and inexpensive transport to Zagreb and Split  Airport.

The coaches' timetable is wholly adapted to the Croatia Airlines timetable, which enables passengers to arrive on time for their flights or be transported to town after them. The visual identity of the Pleso Transport coaches consists of the identifiable logotype of the Croatia airline company, whilst passengers also have at their disposal the comfortable interior of the coaches.

In most cities of the world, transportation between the city terminal and airport is well organized, either by airlines themselves or by public transport services.
The fare for such transportation is not included in the amount paid for the air ticket.

adult (25-59)   infant(<2)
child (2-12)    
other passengers
I am flexible +/- 3 days
I must travel on these days
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