Press releases

04.03.2016. Again among the best – Croatia Airlines among the TOP 10 companies in terms of service quality Croatia Airlines ranks a high 8th in terms of passenger satisfaction with the quality of service, punctuality and fulfilling passenger rights. MORE

02.03.2016. Croatia Airlines strengthens its market position with the introduction of four new routes Direct flights will be introduced from Zagreb to Prague, Milan, Lisbon and St. Petersburg MORE

12.11.2015. Croatia Airlines is the first airline in the world to receive a White Flag for its contribution to the protection and conservation of purity of water areas White Flag is a symbol of environmentally-clean water areas - the seas, rivers and lakes, and is awarded to companies and organizations that have made an extraordinary commitment to their protection and conservation and contributed to the raising of awareness on the global problem of seabed pollution MORE

30.10.2015. Croatia Airlines reported profits in the first three quarters with an increase in thh number of passengers The company recorded a net profit of HRK 3.9 million kuna, which was better than the projected forecast MORE

20.10.2015. Croatia Airlines Organizes a Little School of Aviation for Elementary School Students The students had a unique opportunity to see the exterior and interior of a jet Airbus 319 with a guided tour by professional Croatia Airline pilots, flight attendants and air mechanics. MORE

13.10.2015. Croatia Airlines agreed to purchase four advanced-technology Airbus 320 neo aircraft The Croatian flag carrier converted the initial order of four A319 ceo aircraft to four A320 NEOs, newly-announced aircraft designed to operate quieter with lower operating costs MORE

27.07.2015. Croatia Airlines' Millionth Passenger in 2015 Four percent more passengers were recorded at the end of July compared to this time last year; it is expected that the total number of Croatia Airlines passengers in the course of 2015 will be about 1 percent higher than in the period, January – July, 2014. MORE

04.05.2015. Croatia Airlines and Singapore Airlines launch code share operations Under the agreement, Singapore Airlines will add its ‘SQ’ designator code to Croatia Airlines-operated flights beyond its European gateways at London and Copenhagen to the Croatian capital of Zagreb. On a reciprocal basis, Croatia Airlines will add its ‘OU’ designator code on Singapore Airlines-operated flights between Singapore and London as well as on flights between Singapore and Copenhagen. MORE

11.03.2015. The third Croatia Airlines' hangar allows for the expansion of the technical maintenance of its own fleet and the aircraft of foreign airlines The new hangar is suitable for carrying out the most demanding technical services on the Airbus aircraft, including the so-called D-check, but also allows for faster and more efficient maintenance of the Croatia Airlines' fleet. MORE

15.10.2014. Croatia Airlines flies to the new Terminal at London-Heathrow Airport The official move to the new residence, known as the Queen's Terminal, was marked today with the arrival of 128 passengers on flight OU490 from Zagreb. MORE

15.09.2014. 25th anniversary celebration The 25th anniversary of Croatia Airlines was marked on 15th September at the ceremony organised at Zagreb’s Gradska Kavana MORE

07.08.2014. Croatia Airlines Celebrates 25th Anniversary Over the past quarter of a century, Croatia Airlines has grown into a medium-sized airline company recognized and valued by its passengers for flying safety, high-quality service and professional staff. MORE

20.05.2014. Croatia Airlines is the fifth largest exporter in Croatia For the third year in a row the Croatian flag carrier has been among the ten largest exporters in the Republic of Croatia. MORE

13.01.2014. Croatia Airlines among the safest airlines According to a survey carried out by the specialised international internet portal, Croatia Airlines is one of the safest global airlines MORE

17.12.2013. Cooperation between Croatia Airlines and United Airlines in passenger traffic between Croatia and the United States of America As part of this cooperation, United Airlines allocates its international airline designator (UA) to Croatia Airlines' flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Munich and Zürich to Zagreb, and from Frankfurt and Munich to Split and Dubrovnik. MORE

05.12.2013. Croatia Airlines successfully completes the most comprehensive technical inspection of aircraft This was the first D-check performed on an Airbus 319/320 aircraft in this part of Europe, and the check is the most demanding technical servicing of commercial aircraft MORE

04.11.2013. At the end of the third quarter 2013 Croatia Airlines recoreded net profits of 20.3 million kuna Croatia Airlines' positive business achievements are the result of the implementation of strategic, operational and financial restructuring measures MORE