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Croatia Airlines carried 1,79 mio. passengers to 24 destinations in 2013  Approximately 45% of our customers commenced their journey for business reasons and 55% for private reasons (on our international flights). More than 50% of our passengers are aged between 31 and 50 years. 300.000 visitors per month use our website for planning their trips.

Inflight magazine

The magazine Croatia is published four times a year at the beginning of each season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and the circulation of the magazine is 35000 copies.
It is distributed free of charge in all Croatia Airlines airplanes, on all flights, to all Croatia Airlines agents and representatives at home and abroad, to Croatian embassies and offices, to tourist agencies abroad, at world tourist fairs, to foreign journalists, at all Croatia Airlines presentations, to share holders and distinguished businessmen.


Information and advertising space reservations:
Tel. +385 (1) 616 00 17


The timetable is an exclusive Croatia Airlines medium printed in 100 000 copies and issued two times a year.
The summer timetable is published at the beginning of April and is valid from April to October.
The winter timetable is published at the end of October and is valid from the end of October to March.
The timetable is distributed to the largest Croatian companies, all Croatia Airlines offices and airplanes as well as travel agencies and hotels.

Information and advertising space reservations:
Tel. +385 (1) 616 00 17

Children's book

Croatia Airlines publishes the booklet Supi twice a year as a part of its children’s programme. This is a free booklet published in Croatian and English language, distributed on all our international and domestic flights in business and economy class.

Supi is the main character of this educative and entertaining booklet specially designed for children aged from 3 to 13 years.The booklet includes various games for children and a pencil set is available also.

The advertisement placement is not the only way to realize our cooperation.
We stay at your disposal for interesting suggestions and ideas for promoting your company and its services in our children’s programme. In that case the price will be additionally defined.

Advertising on overhead storage bins

Graphics are applied on four bins - two in the front and two at the back of each aircraft (front and back of each bin).

This medium allows your to create an appealing advertising message, visible during the whole flight.

  • Q400 - 6 aircraft
  • Airbus A 319 - 4 aircraft
  • Airbus A 320 - 2 aircraft
Prices & conditions:
  • Duration period/price
    • 1 month - HRK 80.000
    • 2 months - HRK 140.000
    • 3 months - HRK 196.000
    • 4 months - HRK 248.000
    • 5 months - HRK 296.000
    • 6 months - HRK 340.000
  • Please contact us for conditions if advertising period is longer than 6 months.
  • Agency discount: 10%
  • The prices do not include VAT.
  • Min. advertising period: 1 month
  • Deadline for material delivery: approx. three weeks in advance

Prices and contact for all media

Information and advertising space reservations:
Tel. +385 (1) 616 00 17



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