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Co-operation with other airlines facilitate your trip giving you a greater choice of flights and more options.
Co-operation between Croatia Airlines and Lufthansa has brought numerous privileges and advantages to their passengers. The excellent connection to Germany all year around consists of flights from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik to Frankfurt and Munich, as well as from Zagreb to Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg via Munich and Frankfurt. During the summer timetable, Croatia Airlines and Lufthansa additionally offer direct flights from Split and Dubrovnik to Berlin and Dusseldorf, as well as from Zadar and Pula to Frankfurt and Munich. This offers many possibilities to passengers, especially to those travelling on business. The timetable is adapted so as to enable morning and afternoon flights from Zagreb to connect with most of the flights departing from the Frankfurt and Munich Airport to destinations all over the world. Already at the check-in you will notice a common desk for Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa and other Star Alliance members, where you can also check-in for all flights until your final destination.
Austrian Airlines                 
Croatia Airlines in co-operation with Austrian Airlines connects Zagreb with Vienna, Prague and Scandinavian destinations.
Brussels Airlines                                                       
Croatia Airlines in coopertion with Brussels Airlines directly connects Zagreb with Brussels.
TAP Portugal                  
Croatia Airlines in cooperation with TAP Portugal daily connects Zagreb with Lisbon and Bologna via various European destinations.
Turkish Airlines                   
Croatia Airlines in co-operation with Turkish Airlines directly connects Zagreb and Istanbul evry day as well as Split, Dubrovnik and Istanbul via Zagreb.
SAS Scandinavian Airlines                      
Croatia Airlines in co-operation with SAS Scandinavian Airlines directly connects Zagreb with Copenhagen five times a week.
As a result of the commercial co-operation, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik are additionally daily connected with Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Trondheim, Vilnius, Gdansk and Poznan via different European towns.
Swiss International Air Lines                       
Croatia Airlines in co-operation with Swiss International Air Lines connects Zagreb with Zurich and Geneve two times a day, Split and Dubrovnik four times a week and Zadar with Zurich three times a week.
US Airways                      US Airways 
In co-operation with U.S. Airways, Croatia Airlines connects Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik via several European cities with the American cities of Charlotte and Philadelphia connecting further with St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland as with many other American cities.

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