Hand baggage

Hand baggage allowance

Economy Class passengers: 1 piece
  • max. weight 8 kg
  • total sum of dimensions up to 115 cm (55x40x20)
Business Class passengers: 2 pieces
  • max. weight per piece 8 kg
  • total sum of dimensions up to 115 cm (55x40x20) or 57x54x15cm if it is a foldable garment bag

In exceptional cases, depending on the type of aircraft, hand baggage allowance for Business Class passengers can be restricted to 1 piece. 

What to pack?

The passenger is allowed to carry the following personal items into the cabin: an overcoat, an umbrella or a walking cane, a small camera, a pair of binoculars, a purse, a briefcase/laptop computer, a pocket book or a reasonable amount of newspaper for the flight, a baby’s carry cot and infant food to be consumed on board.Make sure to pack your medicine, medical documentation, passport, keys, business papers, works of art, computers and other electronic equipment, musical instruments, paintings, money and jewelry in your hand baggage.
Please find additional information on the forbidden items in hand baggage printed on the ticket cover, since Croatia Airlines does not accept any liability for them being damaged or taken away by security officers.

Technical appliances in carry-on baggage

If you would like to take for example an MP-3 player, a portable CD player, a laptop or mobile phone with you in your hand baggage the security laws of the respective place of departure apply. Certain electronic devices may not be used during the flight because they may interfere with the electronic aviation systems. Our flight attendants will be happy to inform you which appliances can be used without restrictions inside the aircraft. Mobile telephones have to be completely turned off during the entire stay on board.

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