Croatia Airlines GSM

SIM-card for travelers

In order to help their passengers in reducing travel costs Croatia Airlines offers the best SIM-card for traveling abroad.

Croatia Airlines GSM card is an international SIM-card, which allows significant cost savings on your mobile communications during your travel abroad. And it is essential not only for passengers traveling from Croatia, but also for passengers traveling from other countries of the world. Croatia Airlines GSM card provides low cost mobile roaming and is compatible with any mobile phone which is not SIM-locked.

Undeniable advantages of Croatia Airlines GSM card:
  • No subscription fees or any other regular fees
  • The ability to receive free incoming calls abroad in 140 countries
  • Outgoing calls from the EU countries to the EU countries to mobile and landline networks cost only € 0,23 per minute
  • Unified extremely low-cost calling rate, only € 0,23 per minute, between Croatia Airlines GSM users in 140 countries
  • Low cost Internet access in 123 countries
  • SMS messages worldwide are € 0.10
  • Free of charge SMS messages to Croatia Airlines GSM numbers from

More information about Croatia Airlines GSM card can be found at

You can buy Croatia Airlines GSM card online at or onboard of Croatia Airlines airplanes during Duty Free sales on international flights.

Also, we offer you the appropriate device - mobile phone Nokia 101 dual SIM, which is compatible with Croatia Airlines GSM card, as well as with SIM cards from other mobile operators.

You can buy this device for 50 € (package includes the device, SIM card and € 10 on your account) on Croatia Airlines airplanes during Duty Free sales on international flights.

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