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Did you know?

  • Did you know that an average airplane emits an average of 7.5 tonnes of CO2 during one hour of flight?
    If you take a look at the big picture, a fully boarded airplane of the A320 type flying on the route Zagreb – Split emits approximately 36 kg of CO2 per passenger.
    One of our Dashes, when full, emits even less CO2 – approx. 30 kg per passenger. An average car with usually only one passenger emits more than 46 kg of CO2 on the route from Zagreb to Split.
  • Can we as an airline have a positive effect on the ecosystem?
    We most certainly can. And that is exactly what we have been doing for 25 years. Do you recall our humble beginnings with Boeing 737-200s?Along with other aspects, the ecological effect of introducing the new airplane type Airbus A320 was reducing CO2 emissions by around 600 kg per 100 nautical miles. Apart from, for instance, continuously educating our crews in order to enable a high level of flight precision, finally resulting in fuel saving and emission reduction, we also replaced passenger seats with thinner, lighter seats, leading to the transport of more passengers with almost the same emissions, i.e. reducing emissions per passenger. Moreover, we continually investigate technical and technological innovations that enable better performance.
  • Do you know that the small flap on the top of our Airbus wings – fenced winglet – is here because of fuel saving?
    The next time you are on one of our flights, look out the window and check out the top of the wing.
  • Have you heard of ANVS?
    The Active Noise and Vibration Suppression System on our Dashes reduces the noise and vibration on our turboprop airplanes, which are also factors in traffic ecology. There are all kinds of minutia that are sometimes invisible, perhaps even unrecognizable, but really do make a difference.
  • Do you realize that you, our valued passengers, can also help us in reducing global CO2 emissions and fight climate change?
    By reducing the weight of your luggage, producing less rubbish during flight, taking with you only the things you will really need at your destination, or dressing in accordance with the weather, you too can participate in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
Even before Croatia joined the EU, Croatia Airlines had the obligation to participate in the monitoring, reporting and trading CO2 emissions – EU ETS. Croatia Airlines was the first in Croatia to participate in emission unit transactions on the EU market. The complex and efficient system of CO2 emission measuring, supervision, and reporting at Croatia Airlines was developed by using our own know-how. The company also served as an example on the EU level, and still does, which is not a widely known fact. After Croatia’s accession to the EU, the ecological aspect of the company’s operation becomes even more important and raises awareness of social responsibility. Therefore, Croatia Airlines continues to work on the sustainable development of the company within the framework of the EU 20-20-20 targets: a 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 relative to 1990 levels and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency.

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