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ADM policy

Croatia Airlines ADM policy in all BSP


General reasons for ADM issuance in all BSP:

1. Unreported sales
2. Incorrect commission levels
3. Under collected taxes
4. Under collections of fares / incorrect fares
5. Double Refunds – Refunds via BSP link and manual
6. Credit card charge backs / Fraudulent use of credit card
7. Credit card not processed correctly through POS machine
8. Booking classes versus fare basis class as per fare rules
9. Published fares and/or fare rules not respected
10. IT fares and/or fare rules not respected
11. Ticketing deadline violation
12. Cancellation fees or Administration fees not deducted on refunds
13. Failure to collect rebooking or other necessary fees
14. Application of any incorrect Form of Payment
15. Interline tickets issued when no interline agreement exists
16. Ticket issued with an OPEN segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit an open segment status
17. Ticket issued with a segment status NOT CONFIRMED whereas the fare basis demands that all segments be confirmed
18. GDS Policy violation

Miscellaneous fee (MF):

1. ADM issuance - following amounts will be added to the calculated ADM charge and will be shown as MF tax:
a) EUR 10 for each ADM issued for international ticket
b) HRK 30 for each ADM issued for domestic ticket
c) EUR 10 for ADM issued to the agent because of the GDS Policy violation
2. ACM issuance – no charge
3. Refund Application – following amounts will be deducted from the amount authorized for refund and will be shown as MF tax:
a) EUR 10 for Refund Application processed for international tickets
b) HRK 30 for Refund Application processed for domestic ticket
Refund Application will not be charged for any document if refund is requested for:
- VMCO/VMPD/EMD issued for group deposit
- Refunds authorized by Customer Centre against passenger’s complaint.
- Refunds of tickets with coupons in “A” status.


Croatia Airlines regards all ADM as being disputable but retains the right to issue ADM for the above mentioned anomalies which can only be disputed through correspondence with the airline or its representative.

If an agent disputes any one of our ADM (as per list above), CROATIA AIRLINES maintains the right to re-issue any of these disputed ADM raising an administration fee of 10% based on the value of the disputed ADM should investigation reveal that the agent’s dispute was not justified.

Croatia Airlines reserves the right to change any of these requirements without advance notification.

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child (2-11)    
other passengers
I am flexible +/- 3 days
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