Croatia Airlines - Airports in Croatia

Airports in Croatia

If you fly from Athens to Croatia with Croatia Airlines you will land on airport in one of these cities: Zagreb, Zadar, Pula, Split or Dubrovnik.

Zagreb airport

Also known as Pleso airport, it is the main international airport of Croatia and is situated 12 km from the city centre of Zagreb. Pleso has one active terminal and one under construction, which should be completed by the end April 2017. In terminal 1 there are Lounges, restaurant, Cafe bars, Duty Free shop, Souvenir shop and I-novine. Yan can get to the centre of Zagreb from Zagreb airport by bus shuttle, taxi or you can rent a car.

Zadar airport

Zadar airport is located in Zemunik Donji, 8 km from the centre of Zadar. At the airport there is a huge parking lot with 577 parking spaces. Price for the first hour is 20kn / per hour, for second hour is 10kn / per hour, for third hour is 5kn / per hour and for each additional hour is 2kn / per hour. The main building of Zadar airport has an Info desk, Check in, Control, Self-check in kiosk, Toilets, Bank, Currency exchange, ATM, Croatia Airlines office, Travel agency office, Cafe bar, Restaurant, Gift shop, Business lounge and Duty free shop.

Pula airport

Pula airport is located 6 km from the centre of Pula. At the airport there is a Parking, Exchange office, Cargo, Catering, Cafe bar and Duty free shop. You can get to the city centre by Shuttle bus, Rent a car or Taxi.

Split airport

Also known as Resnik Airport, it is located in the town of Kaštela, 24 km from Split. The building has two storeys. On the ground floor there are ATMs, Toilets, Internet corner, Bank, Self-check-in, Newspaper and gift shop, Business lounge, Baggage claim and passport control.
On the first floor there is Information desk, Toilets, Baby care, Cafe bar, Restaurant and Duty free shop. You can reach the city of Split from Resnik airport by Bus, Taxi or Rent-a-car.

Dubrovnik airport

Also known as Čilipi airport, Dubrovnik airport is located about 16 km from the city centre of Dubrovnik. There is one terminal with parking, playground, Rent-a-car agencies, Bank, Exchange offices, ATMs, Information desk, Souvenir shops, Duty free shops, Antares shop, Cafe, Restaurant and Lounges. You can get to Dubrovnik city centre by bus with “Atlas” travel agency or with public bus Transportation Company “Libertas” .Taxis are also available.

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