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What to do in Croatia


What to do in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. It is popular touristic destination because of its attractions and there is lot of things to do in Zagreb. You can visit Nature Park Medvednica which is placed on the slopes of the Mount Medvednica. If you love nature, you can also visit Maksimir Park and Jarun Lake. If you love art and history, you should visit Archaeological Museum, Croatian History Museum, Museum of Broken Relationships and Croatian Museum of Naive art. When you get tired of exploring, take a break at any Cafe bar in Zagreb. You will see many people in Cafe bars, but main places where is lot of people, especially on terraces in sunny days, are Cvjetni trg, Bogoviceva Street and Tkalciceva Street.

What to do in Pula

Pula is the largest city on the Istrian peninsula and a popular touristic destination. It is popular touristic destination because of its history and seaside. Most popular attraction in Pula that everyone should visit is Arena – historical building built by the Romans and the sixth largest amphiteatre in the world. There are many concerts and other performances. If you love history, you shoud also visit The historical museum of Istria, The Gate of Hercules (dating from the 1st century), The twin gates and the Temple of Augustus. If you are visiting Pula in the summer, you should take a swimsuit and go to one of the beautiful Pula beaches.

What to do in Zadar

Zadar is beautiful Croatian city with rich history, located on the Dalmatian coast. There are lot of things to do in Zadar. On sunny day you should visit Sea Organ where you can hear the nature music produced by waves and after sunset enjoy on The greeting to the Sun – solar powered art instalation. For art and history lovers there is Archaeological museum (here you can learn a lot about Roman presence in Zadar over the centuries), the Museum of Ancient Glass, Land Gate (built in 1543) and the City Walls. Zadar is also known by its beautiful beaches which everyone should visit, especially in the summer.

What to do in Split

Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast and popular tourist destination. The most popular attraction of Split is 1700 years old Diocletian Palace. If you love historical building you will love Diocletian Palace. Other attractions that you should visit while you are in Split are: Gallery of Fine Arts, Marjan Hill, The Statue of Grgur Ninski, Silver Gate and the Bronze Gate. Split has also a beautiful beaches. When you get tired of exploring you should take a break at beaches and enjoy in the view. You can also take a walk on the Riva (Split waterfront) or go to a coffee.

What to do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is touristic city located on the south of the Adriatic Sea coast. First of all, we would recommend you to take a walk on its 2 km long city walls. From there you will see all main attractions in Dubrovnik. If you love history and art, you should visit Sponza Palace which keep documents dating back to the 12th century, Cultural Historical Museum an Maritime Museum where you can see historical objects and paintings of Dubrovnik.

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