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It is said that almost every stone in Pula has its own story, mostly due to the fact that Pula (Pietas Iulia- lat.), the biggest town in the county of Istria, was formed more than three thousand years ago. The formation of the town is connected to the legend of the Argonauts and the pursuit of the Colchidians after the ship Argo and the Golden Fleece. But if you visit Pula the story about Argonauts, Romans, and other times in history will be told.


Country: The Republic of Croatia

Language: Croatian

Currency: kuna
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Time zone: UTC+1
Emergency number: 112


  • The Arena – most tourists and guests of Pula would visit the Arena, a magnificent Amphitheater, the sixth in the world by the size.
  • The Roman Forum
  • The temple of Augustus
  • Triumphal Arch of the Sergi - Golden Gate
  • A small Roman theatre
  • The Archeological and The History Museum will tell you a part about the history of Pula

Culture and art

Pula offers its guests a large numebr of cultural events:
  • The Film festival, koji se u Areni održava već 57. ljeto
  • Histria festival
  • Art & Music Festival
  • The International Youth Theatre Festival
  • The International festival of alternative theatre
  • Seasplash festival
  • Monte Paradiso festival.


Pula is a town of famous restaurants in which delicious sea food meals are prepared. In the restaurants of Pula you should try meals from the inland of Istria like the famous pasta meals (fuži, njoki, pljukanci i ravioli). You will be served with famous žgvacet and other sauces or the famous truffles, mushrooms for which it is said to have aphrodisiac characteristics. The prosciutto of Istria is a true gastronomic treat with which, just like with other meals, wine goes best. The Vines of Istria and Pula are well known around the world. The traditional Malvazija and Teran are accompanied by Chardonnay, Pinot, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. Istrian Muskat should go with the sweets, it has a good fragrance and it is a real treat at the end of a meal.


Many shopping centres have been opened In the last couple of years but if you want to really enjoy your shopping you should take a walk in the centre of town. Maybe you can find an interesting souvenir in one of the shops or decide to carry a bottle of a good wine, olive oil or a domestic brandy (rakija) back home.


The town of numerous cultural manifestations offers good entertainment in the discos and night clubs as well. However, if you want to meet the townspeople you should, by all means, drop by one of the numerous cafes in town of which there are many in all parts of town.


Many people say that idling by the sea is no longer in, even during the summer months, and if you want to be „in“in Pula you can. Your choice of a good sports entertainment depends on your requirements only because you can dive in the sea, go windsurfing, ride a bike or walk along one of the trails. You can play tennis, basketball, football as well, or go sailing. You can practice fitness, of course, and to the brave ones we suggest to go flying or climbing in the nature.


In town and to the airport
Pula and all its parts are well connected by the town buses, the ticket is not expensive and the seats are comfortable.

You can read more information about the transportation from the airport to the town of Pula here.

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