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Rijeka is situated on the coast of the Bay of Kvarner, at the most northern part of the Adriatic Sea where the Mediterranean cuts deepest into the European continent approaching the Central European countries.
The city of Rijeka is an important business, commercial, industrial and cultural centre of the western part of the Republic of Croatia. Due to its natural and geo-political characteristics, this region is ideal for port activities and shipping industry. Besides activities related to the sea, such as tourism, industry, shipping industry, freight forwarding, port and naval architecture activities, Rijeka developed also numerous other major industries: petrol, petrochemistry, as well as wood, pulp and paper industry.


Country: The Republic of Croatia

Language: Croatian

Currency: kuna
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Time zone: UTC+1
Emergency number: 112

Sights and culture

Korzo – the favourite local hangout place and promenade. Here you can feel the real atmosphere and rhythm of the city, meet your friends and acquaintances, have a coffee or simply enjoy the beautiful weather.

Croatian National Theatre "Ivan pl. Zajc" – built in 1885. This building connects Rijeka with other Central European cities as similar palaces can be found in almost all the cities of ex Austro-Hungarian monarchy, such as Zagreb, Vienna or Prague.

Fortress of Trsat – one of the most preserved Croatian medieval fortresses. It is one of the most famous symbols of Rijeka. This complex comprises the fortress and church, the Franciscan monastery, a sports hall and an exhibition centre (where many concerts are held), landscaped gardens and parks.

  • Museum of the City of Rijeka
  • Naval and Historical Museum of the Hrvatsko Primorje Region
  • Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Museum of Natural Sciences

Rijeka Card
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  • Marron – a kind of chestnut, also called Lovran chestnut, growing at the foot of the mountain Učka, above Lovran and Opatija. Chestnut roasting is the most popular way of preparation.
  • Dormouse – culinary attraction of the Kvarner region, known to few foreigners. The most popular specialities with dormouse meat are goulash, roasted or fried dormouse or dormouse meat coated in corn flour. Meat of older animals is used for goulash and served it is with polenta.
  • Fennel mineštra – thick vegetable soups were invented mostly out of poverty, which is why they are great examples of the ingenuity of popular cuisine, specially in the coastal region and on islands. An old recipe from the island of Lošinj is an example of popular dish ordered by real culinary connoisseurs. Potatoes and soaked beans are cooked together until the soup gets thick enough, then carrot, parcel, garlic and finely chopped meat bacon are added together with baby fennel at the end for its specific odour and aroma.


The biggest shopping centre in Rijeka is the Tower Centre offering various brands. For additional information, click here.

Night life

Korzo, popular local hangout, dotted with cafes offers various programmes for young people.
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The National Park of Risnjak is situated at only 15 kilometres from Rijeka.
Rijeka is surrounded by mountains, extending from Učka towards Velebit.
To the east of Rijeka lies the town of Crikvenica, the Riviera of Vinodol, while Gorski kotar region with its pristine nature lies to its north. Croatia is proud of this region for its climate, rich vegetation and clear air.
A great advantage of Rijeka is the proximity of Opatija, the pearl of Croatian tourism.


Urban public transport:
Means of public transport operating in Rijeka and surrounding area are buses. Tickets are available at kiosks or on board buses.

Airport – City connections (30 km distance):
  • buses towards the airport of Rijeka leave from the bus station (Žabica 1), 2 hours and 20 minutes before each flight, while buses from the airport towards the city centre leave after each flight. The transport service is provided by Autotrans Rijeka company. The ride takes 30 minutes and the ticket fare is 30 HRK.
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  • rent-a-car

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