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Welcome to the city of Zadar, which has an extraordionary, 3000 year-old history and a cultural heritage which always brings out something new and completelly original. Located in the very heart of the Adriatic, Zadar is an urban center of Northern Dalmatia. It is also the administrative, business, cultural and political centar of the region with 92 000 inhabitants. The city of Zadar offers numerous tourist attractions: if you are looking for an ideal accommodation, local gourmey delicatessen or cultural heritage sights, modern sports venues or excursion travel, you have chosen the right destination for leisure, sport and fun.


Country: The Republic of Croatia

Language: Croatian

Currency: kuna
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Time zone: UTC+1
Emergency number: 112

Sights, culture, science and art

  • St Donat's Church – A symbol of the city of Zadar and the most famous building from the early Middle Ages in Croatia (
  • Forum – Located in front of the Saint Donat's Church and teh Archbishop's Palace. The town square from the Roman times, built from the 1st to the 3rd century B.C. the size of 45x90m.
  • The Cathedral of st. Anastasia – The biggest cathedral in Dalmatia. It got its romanic look in the 12th century.
  • Gold and silver of the city of Zadar (SICU – The permanent exhibition of the church art) Within the church of Saint Mary's and its convent at about 1200 m2 of space the gold and silver of Zadar glitters in the reconstructed interior of the old Croatian chruch of St Nediljica from the 11th century .
  • Captain's tower – located at the Five Wells Square, built in the 13th century by the Venetians to strenghten the city.
  • Arsenal – was built as a storage of arms for the military. It was built next to the city walls and it was called the Big Arsenal to distinct itself from the Small Arsenal a few hundred meters away. Military ships stopped here to fill in their stock.
  • The Land gate – Built in 1543. Once it was the main entrance to the city. A wooden bridge on stone pillars used to lead from this gate to the so-called Customs Gate (today it is a part of the ish restaurant in the harbour).
  • Sea Organ – famous attraction – in the center of the new harbour for the cruisers, a part of the waterfront and recognisable as a specially formed shore in a few rows of stairs which descend towards the sea. This is the conjunction of human ideas and skills with the energy of the sea, waves, high and low tide, a place to relax, and contemplate with the concert of mystical sounds of the Mother Nature.
  • The Greeting to the Sun – consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level with the stone-paved waterfront in the shape of a 22-meter diameter circle.
  • The Museum of ancient glass – a unique cultural institution not only in Croatia but in the world. The museum is represents a collection of 2000 glass items from the ancient times.


The gastronomy of the Zadar region is based on tasty fish, shellfish and molluscs. But the real treat are dishes of lamb, especially the one coming from the island of Pag and sheep milk cheese, olive oil and vegetables. For those who love good food, scents, wine and the ambiance of Dalmatia this is a true gastr-destination.

  • Pag cheese
    The secret is in the sheep, Bora wind and aromatic herbs. It is one of the best cheeses in Croatia, maybe even in the world. The cheese is the original Croatian product which received many awards. In order to produce 1 kg of the cheese 6 l of a sheep's milk is used. Although the secret of the flavor will never be discovered, many people believe that it is about the sheep, the pasture and the Bora wind.
  • The prosciutto from Posedarje, Dalmatia
    It is made in a traditional way, combining only 4 components: the sea salt, bora wind from Velebit, cold smoke and it is hand-made. This kind of production gives the meat its special taste and scent.
  • Dalmatinski šokol
    Dalmatinski šokol is smoked meat made in a special way, combining sea salt, bora wind and special kind of herbs.
  • Maraschino - omiljena kapljica vladara i vojskovođa
    Maraschino is served as a desert liquor but also as an addition to icecream, fruit salads etc. Hand-woven bottle of Maraschino has been proclaimed the souvenir of Croatia and it is a true memory one can take from Zadar.


The historical part of town, popularly called Poluotok, is also the shopping area where you can find a large number of grocery stores, all sort of shops, and a market place called Pijaca, where you can always find fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.

A remarkable shopping destination is the Centar „Callegro“, with a lot of cafes, exclusive stores and movie theatres. Callegro is located at an exclusive location in the centre of town, which makes it unique in Croatia.

City Galleria is a multifunctional complex in the center of Zadar offering diversity in retail, services and culture. Its representative environment, a variety of offering and an exceptional architectural concept provide our visitors with an experience of enjoyable shopping and a stay in a truly unique complex.


You will have a great time in one of numerous clubs in Zadar:
  • Arsenal
  • Bar Shine
  • Barbarella's
  • City Club Forum
  • Cocktail bar Mango, Krešimirova obala 12, Diklo
  • Dali bar & club, City Galleria, Polačišće 4
  • Maraschino bar, Obala kneza Branimira 6a
  • Maya Pub, Liburnska obala 6
  • Medussa Bar, Kolovare bb
  • Satir bar & club
  • The Garden, Bedemi zadarskih pobuna 5


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Bus transport

Zadar Bus station
Ante Starčevića 1
Information and ticket sales: 023/211 555, 023/211 035

Autotrans – for international lines
Information and ticket sales: 023/313 287

Liburnija Zadar – public transport
I. Matije Škarića bb
Information: 023/343 730, 023/343 700
Fax: 023/319-057

Bus stationZadar
Information: 023/315 331
Fax: 023/301 845

Rail transport

Ante Starčevića 3
Information and ticket sales: 023/212 555

Sea transport

Jadrolinija – ferryboat transportation
Liburnska obala 7
Information and ticket sales: 023/254 800

Agencija Miatours
Vrata sv. Krševana
Information and ticket sales: 023/254 300

Air transport

International airport Zemunik
Zemunik Donji
Information and ticket sales: 023/313 311

Croatia Airlines
Poljana Natka Nodila 7
Information and ticket sales: 023/250 094

Public transportation for Croatia Airlines' flights. Zadar Airport offers bus transfer from the town of Zadar to the airport and back on the Liburnija bus line. Those buses folow the scheduled arrival and departure times of Croatia Airlines flights. The bus from Zadar leaves one hour before the scheduled flight departure not far away from the Croatia Airlines town office. Bus stop at the airport is in front of the airport.

The price of the bus ticket (one-way) is 25 kn. It includes luggage transfer as well. The bus leaves from the bus station behind number 35 "LIBURNIJA Zadar".

Upon entering Zadar Airport you can see the taxi service next to the bus stop. If you go from Zadar towards the airport you can order a taxi at 023/251 400.

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