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Zagreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia and a medieval European city. It had been the focal point of culture, trade and industry for centuries. It is situated in the continental part of the Republic of Croatia, at the intersection of major routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.
Even though it possesses all attributes of a Central European city by its geographic location, Zagreb is adorned by charming cafés with open terraces that are characteristic for the Mediterranean way of life.

Country: The Republic of Croatia

Language: Croatian

Currency: kuna
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Time zone: UTC+1
Emergency number: 112

Sights, culture, science and art

  • The Ban Josip Jelačić square – the main square
  • The Upper Town (Gradec) is a medieval part of town which is also the most attractive part to the visitors since it contains many historical sights. One can enter the Upper Town passing through the medieval Stone gate –the only preserved gate to the city of Zagreb. In the passage of the Stone gate there is a beautiful little baroque chapel of the Holy Mother.
  • St. Mark’s Square is the central part of the Upper Town dominated by St. Mark’s Church built in the middle of the 13th century. Although the interior of the church is richly decorated and it contains many valuables, the most interesting detail is the picturesque roof displaying the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia and the City of Zagreb. It was designed by a famous architect, Herman Bollé and it was built in 1882.
  • The tower of Lotršćak was built in the 13th century. The cannon is fired every day at noon from the top of the Lotršćak tower.
  • The Zagreb cathedral - The building of this magnificent cathedral started in 1094 godine in the romanic-gothic style and it ended in 1217, and it was destroyed by the Tatars in 1242. In 1263 it got renewed by the bishop Timotej in the gothic style and it was fortified in the 16th century. In the 17th century, a fortified renaissance watchtower was erected on the south side, and was used as a military observation point, because of the Ottoman threat.In 1880, the cathedral was severely damaged in an earthquake. The main nave collapsed and the tower was damaged beyond repair. The restoration of the cathedral in the neogothic style was made by Hermann Bollé, bringing the cathedral to its present form. As part of that restoration, two spires of 108 m (354 ft) height were raised on the western side, both of which are in the process of being restored during a massive general restoration of the cathedral.
  • Medvedgrad – a fortress situated on the slopes of the Medvednica mountain above the city of Zagreb. It was constructed in 13th century to defend the city from the Tatar raids. Medvedgrad had great historic significance and is the center stage of many legends and stories that are still being told.
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The cuisine of Zagreb is based on hearty meat dishes, with sides of beans, hearty soups and cabbage-based salads. Bread is often maize or barley or both. Filling and tasty, the cuisine from this part of the world is more like peasant fare than anything else. Homemade cheese, polenta, game and local fresh-water fish are staples in Zagorje.
Austrian influence is most prevalent, especially in the delicate pastries.


There are many shopping malls in Zagreb, among of the biggest ones are: Avenue Mall, City Centre One, King Cross and there are two Outlet centers in the outskirts of the town: Rosis and Helena.
You can find many lovely boutiques in the centre of town as well.

Night life

If you wish to go clubbing in Zagreb, you can choose among many pubs and restaurants, such as:

  • Hemingway
  • Saloon
  • lounge bar Peoples
  • pubs and restaurants at the lake Jarun


  • city stadium Maksimir
  • swimming pools: Šalata, Mladost, Utrine
  • golf&country club Zagreb
  • Sports and recreation center Jarun


Public transportation
  • tram network
  • city buses
Tickets can be purchased in the vehicles, at the kiosks or by sending a text message: ZG to the number 8585.

From the airport to the town
  • Plesoprijevoz buses
  • taxi service

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