Croatia Airlines - Reduced schedule of flights to and from Dubrovnik

Reduced schedule of flights to and from Dubrovnik

In spite of the reduction of the flight schedule, Croatia Airlines will ensure daily connections between Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Works on the runway of Dubrovnik Airport, which is currently the largest construction site in the Republic of Croatia, have begun these days according to the plan and will last until 15 March 2019. By this date, Dubrovnik Airport should be fully ready for the new tourist season and will be even better equipped to receive passengers, while the flight connections between Dubrovnik and Zagreb that the local population depends on will also be improved. 

The aforementioned works will require constant adjustments and will directly affect the limitations that will have to be introduced to the flight schedule. Aware of the needs of passengers, Dubrovnik Airport limited the works to the minimum necessary period, more precisely to the period between 8 November and 9 December 2018, during which certain types of aircraft will not be permitted to fly at night.

In compliance with the protocols agreed with Dubrovnik Airport, and with the objective of carrying as many passengers as possible, Croatia Airlines, as the Croatian national carrier, will provide daily connections between Zagreb and Dubrovnik throughout this period, implementing a reduced flight schedule. Consequently, bearing in mind realistic flight restrictions and always putting the safety of passengers as the foremost priority, the reduced flight schedule will be subject to changes depending on daily operating and weather conditions, as well as the stage of development of the works. 

It should be emphasized that, during stated period, Croatia Airlines will, instead of cancelling flights, carry out special preparations with crews in order to execute flight operations in a completely safe manner, in spite of all the restrictions caused by the works at Dubrovnik Airport. 

Dubrovnik Airport and Croatia Airlines will endeavour to minimize the impact of these works on passengers, and they will jointly, with the maximum engagement of all capacities, notify passengers of all necessary changes.

For all passengers who purchased evening flight tickets at a time when not all of the restrictions regarding the aforementioned works were yet known, Croatia Airlines will offer alternative flight times and strive to find an acceptable solution that will best meet their needs.

For all inquiries, our passengers can contact the Croatia Airlines Contact Center at 072 - 500 505 and (01) 66 76 555, as well as our branch office in Dubrovnik (020) 773 232, or send inquires to the following e-mail addresses: and 

Dubrovnik Airport and Croatia Airlines apologize to all passengers for any inconvenience and would like to thank them for their patience and understanding with regard to the great complexity of the project.

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