Croatia Airlines - Meals in accordance with health nutritional requirements

Meals in accordance with health nutritional requirements

DBML, a meal for diabetics. The meal is prepared without foodstuffs which cause a sudden increase of the level of glucose, with a careful allotment of protein, carbohydrates and fat. The meal is prepared with non-fat foodstuffs, and is rich in vegetables and fruit, along with a moderate quantity of carbohydrates. 

GFML, a meal not containing gluten – the meal excludes wheat and all products containing wheat, oat, barley and rye, including products with a possible addition of flour. The manufacturer guarantees for the rolls served with the meal. All thermally treated foodstuffs are prepared separately (e.g., oil). 

BLML, a meal for persons suffering from ulcer – also suitable for chronic or acute gastritis. It is prepared using cooked non-fat beef, veal, chicken, turkey, accompanied by rice and pasta. Spicy seasonings and additives are avoided. The fruit is cooked, for example, fresh apple compote (with little sugar added). 

NLML, a meal without milk products, lactose – milk and milk products are not used in its preparation. The foodstuffs used for this meal are meat, fish, poultry, rolls without milk, vegetables and fresh fruit. 

LFML, a meal with a low quantity of fat (cholesterol) – a diet for people suffering from heart and artery diseases, as well as gallstones. It is characterized by the low amount of calories and a limited quantity of foodstuffs rich in cholesterol. The foodstuffs used in preparing the meals is non-fat beef, veal, poultry, fish, fresh cheese, vegetables and fruit. The quantity of salt is diminished. 

LSML, a meal with low quantity of salt/natrium, intended for persons with high blood pressure. All thermally treated ingredients used in the preparation of this meal are prepared separately, without the addition of salt. All the foodstuffs are fresh or recently frozen. 

LCML, a meal with a low quantity of calories-intended for diets which control energy intake. The quantity of protein is limited,and frying and bread-crumbs are not permitted in the thermal treatment of the foodstuffs. Meals are cooked or roasted. The meat is non-fat (fish, poultry, veal). 

SPML, special meals. This code is used to mark all the remaining non-standard meals. All ingredients and/or way of meal preparation have to be specifeid.

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