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Other special meals

VGLM, a vegetarian meal, vegan. Prepared exclusively with foodstuffs of vegetable origin or foodstuffs specially marked by the manufacturer (for example, pasta without eggs).

VLML, a vegetarian meal with milk products and eggs. Among foodstuffs of animal origin, milk and milk products, as well as eggs and egg products are permitted.

RVML, a meal containing only fresh fruit and vegetables. It is prepared using exclusively fresh fruit and vegetables not thermally treated or conserved.

FPML, a meal containing fruit. Of all the foodstuffs, in this meal only fruit is permitted, fresh, with no additives or conserved without sugar (for example, a fresh apple compote, without sugar.)

AVLM, an Asian/Indian vegetarian meal. It is prepared using exclusively foodstuffs of vegetable origin, with characteristic seasonings. Milk and milk products are left out. In case of additional restrictions, the same ought to be especially mentioned (for example, root vegetables, etc.) The meals prepared depend on foodstuffs available on the Croatian market, as well as the choice of seasonings. The rolls served with the meal are made of integral flour.

SFML, a seafood meal, prepared with fish, vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates. The eggs are allowed .The fat used is exclusively of vegetable origin.

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