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Voucher request

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the special measures being put into effect, making travel arrangements has become increasingly hard. We are offering you to exchange your ticket for a voucher valid for one year from the date of issue.

The form is valid and will be processed only, if the ticket has been purchased through Croatia Airlines sales channels. If you have purchased your ticket somewhere else please contact your sales agent.

We kindly ask you to fill out the form below and you will receive your voucher via e-mail.

e.g. 1AF5G8 ili 831-1234567890

  • Voucher can be requested for existing and newly booked tickets up to September 30th 2021 for flights up to October 30th 2021
  • Voucher needs to be issued before the flight in the original ticket.
  • Purchased extra services (first bag, seat reservations, etc.) will be included in the voucher value only if your flight has been cancelled.
  • Voucher is valid for two years from the date of issue and needs to be used for booking in that period. You can travel later and your ticket is valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • To use your voucher, please contact our Contact Center or any sales office.
  • Vouchers cannot be used for ticket purchase on our website.
  • If the new booking is of higher value than the voucher, you will be required to pay the difference at the time of booking.
  • Please do save your voucher code so you may redeem it on your next ticket purchase.
  • Voucher can be transferred to another passenger. Name change is charged 40 EUR (international flights)/100 HRK (domestic flights).

Passengers whose flights are scheduled within the next 72 hours are given priority. We thank you for your patience.

*Please bear in mind that because of a high volume of inquiries it will take up to 2 weeks to receive your voucher via e-mail.

By clicking "Send", you confirm that you have read and that you accept the conditions given above.

Best prices
Najbolja cijena za povratni let
Srp 2020
od 1099kn
Kol 2020
od 1499kn
Ruj 2020
od 1099kn
Srpanj 2020
Pon Uto Sri Čet Pet Sub Ned
1 1099 kn 2 1099 kn 3 1099 kn 4 1099 kn 5 1099 kn 6 1099 kn 7 1099 kn
8 1099 kn 9 1099 kn 10 1099 kn 11 1099 kn 12 1099 kn 13 1099 kn 14 1099 kn
17 1099 kn 18 1099 kn 15 1099 kn 16 1099 kn 17 1099 kn 18 1099 kn 19 1099 kn
20 1099 kn 21 1099 kn 22 1099 kn 231099 kn 241099 kn 251099 kn 261099 kn
271099 kn 281099 kn 291099 kn 301099 kn 311099 kn 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9