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Dash 8-Q400

DASH 8 Q-400

The Bombardier Q Series - originally called DHC-8 Dash 8 - is a series of turboprop-powered commercial airliners, introduced by the Canadian company de Havilland Canada. Dash 8 was developed in the early 1980s as a modern and efficient short-haul aircraft intended to replace the 60s and 70s models on an increasing number of regional routes. Its maiden flight was on 20 June 1983. The original series 100 could carry up to 38 passengers and could fly at a high cruising speed considering its power. Series 100 was followed by the more powerful series 200 and the bigger series 300 (that could carry up to 56 passengers), after which the company was acquired by Bombardier Aerospace, which soon recognised the need for a even bigger and faster aircraft that could compete with regional jets. The new series 400 that completed its maiden flight on 31 January 1998 had a longer fuselage and could carry up to 78 passengers, had twice as powerful engines and could cruise at an amazing speed of 650 km/h (nearly the half of speed of sound). On top of these improvements, series 400 had the letter Q (for ‘quiet’) added to its name to emphasise the reduced cabin noise and vibration. To date, around 1250 Dash 8 aircrafts have been manufactured, out of which 580 were Q400.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Engines Maximum cruising speed Maximum cruising altitude Permissible takeoff weight
Bombardier 2 x Pratt & Whitney, PW 150A 667 km/h (360 KTS) 7620 m 29257 kg
Wing area Overall length Wingspan Aircraft number
63.08 m2 32.83 m 28.42 m 6


Number of seats Configuration Rows Emergency exit row Overwing exit rows
76 2x2 21 2 10 - 15
Class Seat manufacturer Seat pitch Seat width Seat recline
Business class B/E AEROSPACE 945-12AM 78,7cm 42,67cm 3 cm
Economy class B/E AEROSPACE 945-12AM  76,2 cm 42,67 cm  3 cm 

Seat map

Emergency exit

Names and registrations

Type Name and registration Joined the fleet
Dash 8-Q400 Slavonija  (9A - CQA) 23 May 2008
Dash 8-Q400 Lika (9A – CQB) 1 August 2008
Dash 8-Q400 Istra (9A – CQC) 19 June 2009
Dash 8-Q400 Dalmacija (9A – CQD) 28 June 2009
Dash 8-Q400 Zagorje (9A – CQE) 23 April 2010
Dash 8-Q400 Primorje (9A – CQF) 3 April 2010

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