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With Croatia Airlines you can check in online or at the airport. During the check - in process you will be able to choose or change your seat. After completing the check - in process, you will receive your boarding pass.

Web Check-in

With Croatia Airlines web check-in you can check-in for your flight in a quick and simple way.

Web check-in is available to passengers booked on scheduled flights operated by Croatia Airlines. You can check in for your flight no earlier then 36 hours and no later than 60 minutes prior to departure.


  • saving time
  • avoiding queueing at airports
  • choosing your preferred seat
  • printing your boarding pass yourself

Due to dynamically changing restrictions, caused by the current epidemiological situation, web check-in may be unavailable for your flight. If you are checking-in for an international flight online, you will receive your boarding pass after all the required documentation has been checked at the check-in counter. We kindly ask you arrive at the check-in counter at least 90 minutes before departure.

If travelling with baggage, you can check it in at the airport. More info about baggage can be found here.

Flights not eligible for web check-in:

Web check-in not eligible for all flights departing from Brač, Osijek and Rijeka

Flight number Destination
OU 380 Split - Rim
OU 381 Split - Zagreb
OU 384 Dubrovnik - Rim
OU 385 Dubrovnik - Zagreb
OU 300 Dubrovnik - Atena
OU 301 Dubrovnik - Zagreb
All departures from Brač, Osijek and Rijeka

Airport check - in

At the airport you can check - in at the Check-in counter or via Quick Check-in machines.

Check-in counter

Passengers are advised to check in at the airport 120 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.
Unless stated otherwise, it is necessary to check in at least 60 minutes before scheduled departure time.
Carriers reserve the right to cancel reservations of passengers who come to the check-in counter after the latest check-in time. Check-in times can be found in the timetable of the respective carrier or be obtained from the carrier or authorized travel agents.

Quick Check-in machines

At some airports you will find machines (kiosks) for quick check-in. Croatia Airlines' passengers who hold an e-ticket have the access to this service and depending on the airport of departure, some identification document will be required. For more information on this service, please visit the website of your departure airport.

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