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Amadeus Croatia

Sister Company of Croatia Airlines, Amadeus Croatia, was founded on 19 October 1993.

Amadeus is a joint reservation system of European airline companies Air France, SAS, Iberia and Lufthansa ((SAS later dropped out, and its place was taken by the American Continental Airlines), which began its activities in Europe at the beginning of the 90s. Amadeus Croatia, as part of the system, is a national marketing company that takes care of the local market, that is, the distribution, presentation and everything else connected with Amadeus, which recently also acquired rights to the Bosnia and Herzegovina market. In order to enable travel agencies to have a direct connection with the system, Amadeus Croatia experts supply them with the necessary equipment, connection services, training, instruction, etc. Since its first established connection Amadeus Croatia today works with more than 110 travel agencies and their number keeps growing.


Amadeus Croatia
Ilica 150
10000 Zagreb

Tel. +385 (1) 483 95 55
Fax +385 (1) 483 94 44

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