Croatia Airlines - EASA Part 145 approved Training Courses

EASA Part 145 approved Training Courses

Croatia Airlines Technical Services offers a wide variety of aircraft related courses and specialized maintenance related training for aircraft maintenance professionals. Technical training courses are delivered according to EASA Part 66 / Part 147 requirements and the; intended target groups are Part 66 A/B1/B2/C category AML holders and engineers.

All other courses are delivered as Part 66 trainings to meet the needs of Part 145 maintenance organizations. 

  • Human Factors In Aircraft Maintenance (Part-145) - Initial & Continuation Training
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Course - Initial & Continuation 
  • Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS) – Theoretical & Practical – Initial & Continuating Training
  • Fuel Tank Safety Course (Level 1)
  • Fuel Tank Safety Course (Level 2) – Initial &Continuation Training
  • Ramp & Hangar Safety Course
  • Start Up, Push Back And Aircraft Towing Course
  • Cabin Interior & Emergency Equipment Course A319/320/321-Theory
  • Standard Practices 
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Battery Workshop Course - Theory & Practical 
  • Oxygen Servicing – Theory & Practical 
  • Engine Run-up A320 family CFM56-5
  • Engine Run-up DHC-8 Q400 PWC PW150A
  • Engine Borescoping CFM56-5, IAE V2500, PWC PW120, PWC PW150A
  • APU Borescoping A320/APS 3200, Q400/APS 1000-C12
  • Wheel Shop Course DHC-8 Q400
  • AIRBUS SRM Course
  • DHC-8 Q400 SRM Course

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