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Special baggage and sports gear



On making your flight reservation don’t forget to specify the type of sports equipment, musical instrument or other unstandardized baggage you will be taking with you. Transportation of such baggage is charged according to special tariffs. So as to make sure your priceless musical instrument will not suffer any damage during the flight, we advise you to purchase an additional ticket for it so you can place it on a seat next to you.

Due to its volume and weight the number of sports equipment is restricted and must be pre-notifed at time of reservation. The acceptance of items exceeding 32kg and/or 158cm maximum dimensions requires pre-authorization at any case.


Sporting equipment is defined as any equipment used for sporting purpose. More detailed information can be found in the table List and classification of sporting equipment.

All sports equipment is part of normal free baggage allowance (FBA), providing it does not exceed the FBA in weight and amount of pieces. The maximum dimensions of 158 cm may be disregarded.  

One set of ski- or snowboard equipment per person is free of charge in addition to your free baggage allowance, on all flights operated by Croatia Airlines. 
If you have  a Miles & More HON-Circle or Senator status or if you are a STAR Gold Card holder you are granted 1 golf equipment free of charge.

The most common sports items are divided in two categories - „NORMAL“ and „BIG“, for all other sports items not mentioned in the table, the normal excess baggage rate applies. In case sports equipment is packed in normal baggage items and cannot be recognized as sports equipment, it is handled as usual checked baggage including the regular excess baggage rates.

For journeys outside Europe baggage policy of interline partners applies.

NOTICE: Bicycles can be transported on Croatia Airlines flights only if they are packaged. They should be prepared for transportation by the passenger.
E-bicycle has an engine, cannot be classified as sports equipment, and is subject to excess luggage fees. Its battery may not exceed 160 watt hours. A spare battery (if any) can be transported in the aircraft cabin as hand luggage.

Price list

Sporting equipment - "NORMAL"
Flights within Croatia
HRK 225 + VAT (25%)
Flights within Europe
EUR 50 / USD 70 / CAD 70
Intercontinental flights
EUR 100 / USD 150 / CAD 150
Sporting equipment - "BIG"
Flights within Croatia
HRK 375 + VAT (25%)
Flights within Europe
EUR 100 / USD 150 / CAD 150
Intercontinental flights
EUR 200 / USD 300 / CAD 300

adult (25-64)   infant(<2)
child (2-11)    
other passengers
I am flexible +/- 3 days
I must travel on these days
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