Croatia Airlines - Service for children

Service for children

In order to minimize contact between passengers and crew we have adapted our standard inflight service, service described below is currently unavailable. In accordance with the Croatian Institute of Public Health recommendations bottled water is available to passengers. Find the current travel information here.

We have prepared a special service in order to make our little passengers feel most welcome.

Meals for children

On our flights in Business Class, we offer two kinds of meals, depending on the age of children:

  • BBML, a meal for infants - a product originally packed by the manufacturer. Should the age of the infant not be mentioned, the aircraft receives mashed meals proper for infants aged six months. Otherwise, the meals are intended for children up to two years of age.
  • CHML, a meal for children, intended for children from two to six years of age. Pieces of meat are always cut up or in a shape appropriate to the age of children. The quantity of seasoning is reduced.


Croatia Airlines publishes a booklet for children with our hero- Supi.

Children will get a set of crayons to go with the booklet.

If you still haven’t heard of Supi you can meet him here. Supi is a real little rogue, always ready for a new surprise and a funny story from one of his journeys. He will gladly share his secrets and adventures with you.

Download online Supi editions

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