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Animals in the passenger cabin

Only cats and dogs (accompanying a passenger) can be transported in the passenger cabin, unless it is forbidden by the state where the pets are transported to and provided the Croatia Airlines rules and regulations are complied with. Passengers must collect all the information about regulations of the country they are travelling to and make sure they possess the required documents. It is necessary to make a reservation in advance and pet transport is always charged additionally.
IMPORTANT: It is not possible to book this service on our website. Please contact one of our sales offices.

It is allowed to accept only two animals, two dogs or two cats, on the same flight, but one dog and one cat cannot be accepted.

Animals have to be transported in a proper transporter soft bag. Only one pet transporter bag is allowed per passenger.
  • The size of the transporter bag is limited and its dimensions cannot exceed 115 cm. 
    Special remark: The maximum dimensions of the bag transported in Air Nostrum aircraft leased by Croatia Airlines are 45x35x25 cm.
  • The bottom of the bag has to be water-resistant. 
  • The maximum weight of the bag with the pet is 8 kg. 
  • The bag with the pet must be stowed on the floor under the seat in front of the passenger for the whole duration of the flight.


  • Domestic flights: 150 HRK + VAT (25%)
  • International flights (within Europe): 50 EUR / 60 USD / 60 CAD
  • International flights (outside Europe): 70 EUR / 100 USD / 100 CAD

    IMPORTANT: Offices in Croatia can charge you only in the local currency (HRK). Credit cards are accepted.

Animals in the baggage compartment

Animals that cannot be transported in the passenger cabin due to their size, are to be transported in the baggage compartment if certain conditions are met .

When booking, you need to specify the weight of the animal as well as the dimensions of the kennel, which must be in accordance with IATA (International Air Transport Association) Live Animal Regulations standard on the container transport. Find out more.

 Requirements for the kennel:
  • the animal must be able to stand with its head extended and must have enough space to move
  • feeding and watering facilities must be available
  • it must be leakproof and the floor must be covered with absorbent material
  • it shall be ventilated on at least 3 sides
  • it has to be solid and escape-proof

Croatia Airlines reserves the right to check
  • the animal´s behaviour at the time of acceptance
  • that the container meets the requirements to ensure a safe transport throughout the whole journey.

One container can hold up to:
  • 3 puppies or kittens from the same litter, in an adequate transport container weighing max. 8kg each
  • a maximum of 2 adult animals up to 14kg each, that are used to each other in an adequate transport container
All other types of animals are transported as cargo.

Animals are not included in the free baggage allowance and their transportation is charged depending on the size of the container (categories: medium and large) and the type of flight:

The prices of the transportation of pets being carried in a container (its size up to 80x55x55cm):

Animals being transported in the baggage compartment, in a container size up to 80x55x55cm, are considered to be medium size:

  • Domestic flights:  250 HRK + PDV (25 %)
  • International flights (within Europe): 100 EUR / 150 USD / 150 CAD
  • International flights (outside Europe): 150 EUR / 200 USD / 200 CAD

The prices of the transportation of pets being carried in a container (its size up to 125x75x85cm):

Animals being transported in the baggage compartment, in a container size up to 125x75x85cm, are considered to be large size:

  • Domestic flights: 300 HRK + PDV (25 %)
  • International flights (within Europe): 200 EUR / 300 USD / 300 CAD
  • International flights (outside Europe): 300 EUR / 400 USD / 400 CAD

Transportation of animals in the baggage compartment, in container size up to 125x75x85 cm is possible only in the Airbus A-319 and Airbus A-320.

Croatia Airlines does not transport animals on flights from Croatia to the UK and Ireland but on flights from UK and Ireland to Croatia Croatia Airlines does transport animals.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Brachycepahlic animals (dogs and cats with very short nose) can not be transported in cargo holds on flights operated by Air Nostrum (aircraft type CRJ 1000). They can be accepted only in passenger cabin, provided they meet requirements (weight with the cage up to 8 kg, max dimensions of the cage 45x35x25cm).

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