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Sustainable development

Croatia Airlines, the national air carrier of the Republic of Croatia, began its development in the year 1991 with very limited funds. The company has over the period of time changed its organizational structure a couple of times, the aircraft fleet with old technology was replaced by new, state-of-the-art aircraft, young staff have received training, work procedures have been established, the company has strengthened its market position.

  • Corporate Social Responisibility
  • The process of joining the EU, the company's membership in international airline associations and alliances have encouraged its growth and the programme for implementation of the sustainable development.

    • Environmental protection
    • One of the most important challenges of airline sustainable development is a dynamic growth of the airline industry and its influence on the global climate changes by the emission of CO2. For that reason the EU has set up the European scheme of Trade of CO2 Emission (ETS) in which, beside other industries, it has included all other airlines that operate to and from the EU, thus including Croatia Airlines as well. The company has set up a regular update and report system of monitoring of CO2 emissions.

      In its growth, Croatia Airlines has been following the principles of sustainable development in the main areas- the choice of its fleet and the application of certain procedures that diminish spend of fuel and CO2 emissions and noise.

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