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Ticket service charge

Check the Ticket Service Charge (TSC) for different Croatia Airlines point of sales.

Internet sales (FlyOnLine)

Flights Charge
Domestic Flights 0
Flights from United Kingdom 10 GPB
Flights from Switzerland 20 CHF
Flights from Denmark 75 DKK
Flights from Sweden 10 EUR (109 SEK)
Flights from Norway 15 EUR (168 NOK)
Other flights* 15 €

*except when low fare basis is available, for which the TSC is not calculated.

Croatia Airlines offices and Contact Center

Flights Charge
Domestic Flights 4 EUR + PDV
International Flights** 30 EUR

** TSC will be charged 25€ for international flights in our Paris office.

TSC for voucher use

Flights Charge
Domestic Flights 0
International Flights 15 EUR

NOTICE: To use your voucher, please contact our Contact Center or any sales office. Vouchers cannot be used for ticket purchase on our website.

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