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As of 4 May, use of protective masks or face covering obligatory on all Croatia Airlines flights

Zagreb,  2nd May, 2020nd May, 2020  

As of 4 May 2020, use of face masks or face covering will be obligatory on all flights of Croatia Airlines, the Croatian national airline company and member of Star Alliance.

Following the decisions and instructions of public health institutions and civil aviation authorities, the company introduced this protective measure to minimize the potential risk of spreading the coronavirus during flight. In accordance with the new measure, passengers are obligated to board flights wearing protective masks or face covering and use it aboard passenger cabins throughout their flights. Acceptable forms of face covering include two-ply cotton face masks, medical (surgical) face masks, and particle-filtering half-masks with or without a ventilator.

In order to protect the health of passengers and crews, the company will continue to uphold many other measures that were already implemented. Cabin crew members who come into direct contact with passengers and groundcrew are equipped with appropriate protective gear; the aircraft is disinfected daily; passenger cabins are cleaned with increased care during regular cleaning; and the staff has different disinfectants available. It should also be noted that our aircraft is equipped with high-quality air purifiers in the passenger cabins, which filter the air that is continuously drawn in from the atmosphere, and the air in the passenger space circulates vertically.

As of 11 May, Croatia Airlines is partially reintroducing its flight schedule in Croatia with two daily flights (morning and evening): Zagreb – Split – Zagreb and Zagreb – Dubrovnik – Zagreb. The new protective measure related to wearing masks refers also to currently the only international flight, Zagreb – Frankfurt – Zagreb, operated once a day.

Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, not a single case of infection on Croatia Airlines flights has been registered. The company will continue to adapt to the current situation, as well as to the official decisions and instructions of public health and regulatory authorities.

The passengers can find all relevant information and news on the company website: www.croatiaairlines.com


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