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Croatia Airlines connecting Croatia with 15 European destinations in October

17th September 2020, Zagreb

In October this year, Croatia Airlines is continuing to connect Croatia with the most important European cities and transport hubs, with air connections within Croatia provided on scheduled domestic flights.

During October, Croatia’s frag carrier airline will connect Croatia directly with 15 international destinations (Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Lyon, Munich, Paris, Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje and Zurich). From these transport hubs, passengers are offered connecting flights to destinations around the world, particularly on flights of Croatia Airlines’ partners from Star Alliance.

As far as scheduled international flights are concerned, Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, will be directly connected with 12 European destinations, Split with 10 European cities, Dubrovnik with two international destinations, and Rijeka will continue to be connected with Munich.

As for scheduled domestic flights, Croatia Airlines will be connecting Zagreb with Croatia’s five airports (Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula and Bol on the Island of Brač), with flights continuing to be operated on the Osijek-Split and Osijek-Dubrovnik routes as well.

Even in these extraordinary circumstances, Croatia’s frag carrier airline has confirmed its role as an important factor in the transport infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia, given that it never suspended its flights at any time, and given that, during the epidemiological crisis, it was the only airline that uninterruptedly maintained Croatia’s transport connectivity and connections both with the world and within its national borders. During this year’s peak tourist season, Croatia Airlines connected Zagreb directly with 14, Split with 11 and Dubrovnik with 7 international destinations.

It should be highlighted that flight and passenger safety continues to be a priority in Croatia Airlines’ business operations. All health protection measures, which the company has been implementing since the coronavirus outbreak, are fully compliant with the decisions taken and the recommendations made by public health and aviation authorities. The use of personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves, disinfectants) is mandatory for the entire cabin crew, fresh air is introduced in the passenger cabin from the atmosphere and is purified with cutting-edge cabin air purifier filters, and the aircraft are consistently disinfected. Also, passengers are required to wear face masks or face covers throughout their entire stay in the passenger cabin, with disinfectant wipes available to all.

It is worth noting that, due to the epidemiological crisis, Croatia Airlines has offered its service users flexible conditions regarding purchase of tickets and their travels. In particular, passengers can change their travel dates an unlimited number of times free of charge, or can get a refund in the form of a voucher redeemable for a new ticket within a year of issue. More detailed information can be gotten at the company’s points of sale and agent network, and is also available on the company’s website at www.croatiaairlines.hr.

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