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Airbus A 319-100

Airbus A 319-100


The Airbus A320 family consists of medium-range, narrow-body, twin-engine jet airliners in four sizes: A318, A319, A320 and A321. Their manufacturer, Airbus, was founded on 18 December 1970. The company is based in Toulouse and Hamburg and is ranked among the top manufacturers of aircraft and spacecraft equipment worldwide.

The A320 family airliners differ among themselves only in dimensions and seat configuration, whereas technology-wise they are practically identical. Their cruising altitude ranges from 11,920 to 12,500 m, their maximum cruising speed is 890 km/h and their range is 6,100 km at maximum takeoff weight.

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A320 is the first member of the A320 family and the first civil airliner to pioneer fly-by-wire technology that replaces conventional mechanical flight controls with an electronic interface. The pilot controls the aircraft with a sidestick controller (i.e. joystick). The movements of the stick send electrical signals to computers that translate them into commands for the aircraft's moving parts.

Production of A320 aircraft began in March 1984. The A320 completed its maiden flight on 22 February 1987. Soon, the family welcomed new members - A321, A319, and A318 - which were first delivered in 1994, 1996, and 2003 respectively. To date, approximately 8,100 A320 airliners have been delivered, with a further 6,500 ordered and pending delivery.

Croatia Airlines welcomed its first Airbus A319-100 in 1998, and gave it the name of Zadar. Three more airliners (Airbus 319) were procured by 2000.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Airbus
Engines 2 x CFM56
Maximum cruising speed 834 km/h (450 mi/h)
Maximum cruising altitude 11920 m
Permissible takeoff weight 64,000 kg
Wing area 122.40 m2
Overall length 33,84 m
Wingspan 34,10 m
Aircraft number 5

Names and registrations

Type Name and registration
Airbus 319 Zadar (9A - CTG)
Airbus 319 Zagreb (9A – CTH)
Airbus 319 Vukovar (9A – CTI)
Airbus 319 Pula (9A – CTL)
Airbus 319 Osijek (9A – CTN)
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