Croatia Airlines - Advance seat reservation

Advance seat reservation

Make sure you've got the seat you want - whether more legroom, a seat in the preferred zone or one next to your dear person.

On most of Croatia Airlines flights advance seat reservation service is free of charge. As of 8th of July 2019 seat reservation service for Economy Class passengers will be charged on the following flights:

  • Zagreb – Copenhagen / Copenhagen – Zagreb (OU480 / OU481)
  • Split – Copenhagen / Copenhagen – Split (OU4482/OU4483)
  • Zagreb – Dublin / Dublin – Zagreb (OU512/OU513)
  • Zagreb – Helsinki / Helsinki – Zagreb (OU4488/OU4487)
  • Zagreb – Oslo / Oslo – Zagreb (OU488/OU489)
  • Zagreb – Stockholm / Stockholm – Zagreb (OU484/OU485)
  • Zagreb – Sankt Petersburg / Sankt Petersburg – Zagreb (OU530/OU531)


Seat type FlyEasy FlyOpti FlyFlexi FlyBizz M&M - SEN, HON, Star Gold
Exit Row (more legroom) 15 EUR 15 EUR 15 EUR free of charge free of charge
Priority Zone (first 2 economy class rows) 12 EUR 12 EUR 12 EUR free of charge free of charge
Standard 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR free of charge free of charge

The advance seat reservations on mentioned flights will be charged no later than 48 hours before departure. 

During the check-in process seat reservation is free of charge.

Advance seat reservation fee is non-transferable to another person.

Seat reservation terms and conditions

  • Advance seat reservation can be booked during your flight booking or subsequently on our website, via our Contact Center and in any Croatia Airlines sales office or travel agency. The option is not available if you are booking on our mobile website/application.
  • Service must be charged within 24 hours after seat request.
  • Children and infants with own seat are exempted from charge and there is no discount.
  • Due to safety reasons, passengers that choose exit row seats must meet a set of criteria. Passengers seated on exit row must speak and understand Croatian and / or English language and be able to open exit door if needed and assist the crew.

Exit row seats are not available for:

  • Children under the age of 15
  • Passengers traveling with children under the age of 15
  • Expectant mothers
  • Passengers with reduced mobility or mental disabilities
  • Passengers with reduced mobility due to body dimensions, illness or age.
  • Passengers using an extension belt

By purchasing an exit row seat, passengers confirm that they confirm with all stated requirements and comply with the rules outlined. If a passenger does not appear to be meeting these requirements or appears unwilling to meet his/her obligations at the time of travel, Croatia Airlines staff reserves the right to reseat the passenger, and no refund would be allowed.
Furthermore, Croatia Airlines reserves the right to reseat a passenger due to any other safety or operational reasons.

Changes and refund


If a passenger changes his/her travel date, a new seat with the same or similar characteristics will be allocated, if anyhow possible.
In case of change to a flight on another operating carrier, a seat cannot be booked.
If passenger upgrades from Economy to Business Class, the charge for advance seat reservation will be refunded.


If you decide to cancel your flight, advance seat reservation charge will be refundable only if your ticket is refundable as well, according to the applicable fare rules.
In case of involuntary changes/cancellations due to traffic irregularities or schedule changes (cancelled flight, routing changes, etc.), you will be entitled to a change or refund without any penalty.

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