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Food and beverages

In order to minimize contact between passengers and crew we have adapted our standard inflight service, service described below is currently unavailable. In accordance with the Croatian Institute of Public Health recommendations bottled water is available to passengers. Find the current travel information here.

On all Croatia Airlines flights our passengers are offered free food and beverages which vary depending on the class of travel, the flight duration and the part of the day.

Business Class

On our domestic and international flights we serve snacks and a cold or a warm meal. The service depends on the time of day and the flight duration. A large selection of drinks is offered: juices, wine, beer, coffee, tea.

Inspired by Croatia


As of 30th November 2016, in the scope of the project "Inspired by Croatia", in Business Class we offer you quality traditional food such as purica s mlincima, pašticada, viška pogača or splitska torta...   

The best way to present Croatian specialties is to use autochtone ingredients and recipes. When we decided to take that path, a logical decision regarding the menu selection was to rely on the Split-based Uje Oil bar, where exclusively locally produced ingredients are used and presented based on traditional recipes. The renowned Croatian chef, Dino Galvagno, who advocates the use of ingredients which are locally grown, hunted or picked, also participated in the creation of the menu. The dishes that we are presenting are a refreshed version of autochthone recipes characteristic for the coastal and continental Croatian regions.

Economy Class

On our international flights we serve different snacks, depending on the flight duration. You can choose something from our selection of beverages with your meal.

Aside from our regular offer, you can choose from a selection of products made by our partner Uje. For products and prices click here

Cake and sparkling wine for special occasions

    We offer you the possibility of buying a cake and sparkling wine for special occasions, such as birthdays and honeymoons, to be served to our passengers on board our international flights.
Contact Croatia Airlines sales offices or your travel agent and leave the rest to us!


  • Cake: 25 €
  • Cake and sparkling wine: 30 €

Special meals

Special meals are offered on all flights in Business Class. You can order a special meal while purchasing your ticket but it has to be done at least 24 hour prior to the flight. Please contact your nearest Croatia Airlines office for more information.

Allergy to peanuts and other nuts

At Croatia Airlines, we do not offer meals containing peanuts; nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients had no incidental contact with peanuts or their products. In addition, peanut residuals could remain in the passenger cabin from a previous flight or be brought into the cabin in passengers’ carry-on baggage.

In case of severe allergy to peanuts and other nuts, please take the following cautionary steps:
  • Please inform us of your allergy at booking.
  • Send the name of the passenger suffering from the allergy as well as flight number and date to:
  • Please contact the Cabin Service Manager so that we could take the necessary precaution measures and inform other passengers not to eat nuts during the flight.
  • Please keep your usual allergen exposure medicine on you.
NOTE: Our cabin crew are not trained for EpiPen administration in case of an allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock. Children and persons under 18 who use EpiPen must be accompanied by persons who are trained in using the autoinjector.

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