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Advertising info

We transport more than 2 million passengers per year and we fly to 38 destinations throughout Europe. About 45% of our international passengers travel for business, and 55% of them travel for personal reasons. More than 50% of our passengers are aged between 31 and 50. On average, 350,000 visitors use our web site to plan their trips every month.

Advertising on flight tickets

You can advertise your services on our flight tickets for a period of at least one month. The dimensions of the banner on the confirmation are 500 x 150 pixels.

  • over 15,000 publications per month
  • price: HRK 15,000 + VAT
Advertising in Croatia Airlines newsletter

The newsletter is published at the beginning of each month and distributed in electronic form to a large readership. We publish texts with a maximum length of 300 characters with spaces, and with a title of approximately 30 characters, a 140x140 px visual and URL address.

  • price (per month): HRK 15,000 + VAT
Inflight magazine

The inflight magazine "Croatia" is published four times a year, seasonally (spring, summer, autumn, winter), with 25,000 – 30,000 copies per issue, depending on the season.

It is distributed free of charge in all Croatia Airlines airplanes, on all flights, to all Croatia Airlines agents and representatives at home and abroad, to Croatian embassies and offices, to tourist agencies abroad, at world tourist fairs, to foreign journalists, at all Croatia Airlines presentations, to share holders and distinguished businessmen.

Children's book

Croatia Airlines publishes the booklet Supi twice a year as a part of its children’s programme. This is a free booklet published in Croatian and English language, distributed on all our international and domestic flights in business and economy class.

Supi is the main character of this educative and entertaining booklet specially designed for children aged from 3 to 13 years.The booklet includes various games for children and a pencil set is available also.

The advertisement placement is not the only way to realize our cooperation.
We stay at your disposal for interesting suggestions and ideas for promoting your company and its services in our children’s programme. In that case the price will be additionally defined.

Advertising on overhead storage bins

Graphics are applied on four bins - two in the front and two at the back of each aircraft (front and back of each bin).

This medium allows your to create an appealing advertising message, visible during the whole flight.


  • Q400 - 6 aircraft
  • Airbus A 319 - 4 aircraft
  • Airbus A 320 - 2 aircraft

Prices & conditions:

  • Duration period/price: upon request
  • Agency discount: 10%
  • The prices do not include VAT.
  • Min. advertising period: 1 month
  • Deadline for material delivery: approx. three weeks in advance
Advertising on table trays in Croatia Airlines airplanes

Stickers with your message are placed on table trays that are positioned at the most visible places in our entire fleet. The minimum advertising period is two months.

The visibility of your message on the stickers is guaranteed and authentic.


  • Q400 - 6 aircraft
  • Airbus A 319 - 5 aircraft
  • Airbus A 320 - 2 aircraft

Price and conditions:

  • 2 months of advertising: price upon request
  • agency discount: 10%
  • VAT is added to the listed prices - deadline for the delivery of visuals: 3-4 weeks
Prices and contact for all media

Information and advertising space reservations:

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