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Charter service

Want to book a charter flight?

In addition to our primary service of offering regular flights, Croatia Airlines also offers the possibility of booking charter flights.

We will strive to meet your demands and wishes and provide you with a suitable type of aircraft at the time of your choosing, in accordance with our flight plan. For companies and organisations looking for personalised and commercially optimal air transport, we offer the possibility of organising individual flights or series of flights. Owing to our many years of experience in such operations, we are able to provide you fast and reliable transport. In case of tourist trips, the organisation of sports events or the promotion of your company, you can select one of the airplanes from our fleet and allow us to take care of the details of your flight in accordance with your needs.

Our fleet

Services on our flights

Croatia Airlines devotes great attention to the confidence and satisfaction of its passengers and continuously works on developing the quality of its services. On our charter flights, we can organise an offer of food and drink, as well as other services, all in accordance with your needs. We also offer the option of inflight purchase of representative products in our Sky Shop, and you will also receive your own copy of our inflight magazine CROATIA.

Sky Shop

Inflight magazine Croatia


Charter flight services are adapted to specific demands and may deviate from the services offered on regular flights. Check all information with the organiser of your trip.

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If you need any information, please feel free to contact our charter team, who will be happy to assist you in your selection and prepare on offer.

Contact: charter@croatiaairlines.hr

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